Clear Browser Session when develop multiple web application projects at once

I know that it is not good practice to work on multiple web application projects at the same time (day). But it is life. How can we avoid the mess of development sessions on our machine.

What’s the problem

When you develop a web application, normally you need to deal with the cookie, local storage, session and more. Sometimes it causes your web application to work with an unexpected result when you switch from one project to another.

My solution

My favorite tool to solve the problem I mentioned about is the web browser extension that will clear browser cookies, local storage and other session data by one click!

For Firefox, I used “Clear private data now!” by Thibault Morin

For Chrome, I used Clear Session by Marco Barcelos

Both add-on/ extensions are quite old but they still work and I use them everyday when I do web application development work.

If you face un-reasonable behavior during web development, try this solution may help.

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