Software Development · August 20, 2021

No-Class CSS Frameworks

No-Class CSS Frameworks

When you mockup your website for your customers or yourself, you may want to do it very fast. You can used Bootstrap or Bulma for this purpose. But sometime you need something faster than that. This article tell you how.

Why you need CSS Framework?

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Only HTML is ugly. HTML usually work with CSS to make it beautiful. CSS Frameworks come into dev workflow to make use of CSS easier. But you still need to learn how to use it. Special class name for each CSS framework is the way you put into HTML to make it beautiful.

What is No-Class CSS Framework?

It is the kind of framework that have no special class name. It just turn your HTML to beauty by apply to the normal HTML tag.

Normal CSS Framework look like this.

<h2 class="is-title">

No-Class CSS Framework look like this.


Yes! It just do nothing with your original HTML code. Like normal HTML but more beautiful.

Pro & Con

No-Class CSS Frameworks is fast to implement. Just import css framework link into your document’s head. But of course, you cannot adjust anything. It pre-built the design from the framework itself.

List of No-Class CSS Framework

Below is some of it. I will update more in the future.

Thanks for reading.