Using KeePassXC-Browser with Opera Web Browser

KeePassXC-Browser does not work with Opera browser by default. This post will show a workaround.

My environment

  • Opera 95.0.4635.37 (x86_64) for macOS
  • KeePassXC 2.7.4 for macOS

Setup Steps

1. We need to used NativeMessagingHosts script from the other browser that already work with KeePassXC-Browser.

For me, I used the scripts from Brave Browser by copy file:

~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/NativeMessagingHosts/org.keepassxc.keepassxc_browser.json

to Opera‘s folder,

~/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera/NativeMessagingHosts/org.keepassxc.keepassxc_browser.json”

2. Open KeePassXC and go to Settings > Browser Integration

3. Setup the custom browser configuration location from Advanced tab:

Browser type: Chromium

Config Location: ~/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera/NativeMessagingHosts

That’s all. Please adapted the detail with your environment.

Good luck.