Bluetooth wake/sleep issue workaround for macOS 12.2

After updated to macOS 12.2, there are an issue about Bluetooth connection. It make my MacBook start to wake after sleep for a while. This post show about my workaround.

It’s about Bluetooth

I try several ways to prevent Bluetooth from wake up my machine but not success. The final solution is to switch off Bluetooth after work and switch on again when need. Of course, this is not easy when you using Bluetooth mouse and want to toggle Bluetooth which will break the operation of you mouse.

How do I solve my issue

To solve this, we need the ability to toggle Bluetooth by keyboard shortcut. Fortunately, macOS 12.2 have an innovative way to to this by using Shortcut app.

Just create a new Shortcut and search for “Set Bluetooth“. Then select the “Off” to turn off Bluetooth when you trigger this Shortcut.

Next step is to bind hardware keyboard shortcut key to this Shortcut.

Final step, I need to create two Shortcuts to On and Off my Bluetooth.


This may not be the best solution but this workflow work for me.

Looking forward for Apple to fix this bug in the next release.