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Short version:

Tech & Internet Lover , AU / KMITL, Programmer, Engineer, IT Manager, Linux , Business Development, Entrepreneur, Founder – Smart60Club

Long version:


  • Master Degree in Computer Engineering Management – ABAC
  • Bachelor Degree in Control Engineering – KMITL
  • Others
    • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer Course from CTT Center
    • Visual Basic Programming from Chulalongkorn University
    • Delphi Programming with Borland C++ from BATC
    • SQL and database design from NECTEC
    • Statistical for TQC by KCC in Japan
    • iPhone & iPad Developer Fundamental Course
    • ISO29110 (Standard Software Development) Training
    • Many other computer and productivity improvement training

Professional Experience Record:

  • “Manufacturing Company” as an Product Manager and Engineering Manager.
    • Production
    • Maintenance
    • Engineering
    • Information Technology
  • “Software Development Company” as a General Manager.
    • Software Production Project (PDA and Handheld PC)
    • Web site and e-commerce
    • Customer Services
    • Accounting
  • “Hospital” as a Information Technology Director
    • Setup and control IT project for 3,000 computers all branches
    • Maintain computer network and all network equipment
    • Committee for “Business Process Improvement” Project
    • Responsible for many projects such as Work Flow, e-Document, Business Intelligence, Mail Server, Network Security etc.
    • Participate in several service improvement project such as PACS, Doctor Fee Software, HIS Software, Patient Queue System
    • Manage all IT services for 4 hospitals chain in position of Assistant Director.
    • Setup software development team that conform to CMMI standard.
  • “Financial Organization”
    • Responsible for IT Management  in the position of IT Director.
    • Design IT Architecture.
    • Implement ITIL framework and maintain all ISOs standard (IT/Security) Related.
    • Review and update all policy related to IT Security and laws.
    • Managed DBA team.
    • Implement IT Governance.
    • Align new technology with existing IT process in organization.
  • Other
    • Responsible for all IT implementation for a non-profit organization project.
    • TQS (Thai Quality Software) / ISO29110 (Software Standard) implementation.
    • Teaching “Internet Technology” 1 course at University for 1st year student.
    • Teaching Palm Programming, Ecommerce 1 courses at University for 4th year student.
    • Be an advisor for engineering project at University for 4th year student for 1 course.

More than 20 years experience in Business and Information Technology area.

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