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Why I used NoSQL to design the customer’s database?

Most of my customers don’t care about what kind of database used in the application developed. But there are some concern emerge from nowadays business process and technology. It is lifecycle of business process is shorter and required always change!

As developer, I am always heard some business analyst or programmer suffered about business process changed that effect to the programming or database design part. This push result either these 2 ways.

  1. Customer force to freeze their requirement requested even it is need.
  2. Developer / Programmer need to change code/design regularly which is not a good dream job for most developer.

NoSQL is my hero!

With NoSQL type of database, I can propose my customers to have more flexibility to change their requirement whenever they want without any suffer from my coding task. Here is the reason.

  1. Design of database is flexible. Add more fields into the database is less suffer when compare with traditional database.
  2. Change in database fields have no major affect to the existing code. This give me and easier backward compatibility maintain process. Customer also happy 🙂
  3.  Code is more easy to change to support the new database fields. This provide me to use shorter time to launch a new feature to my application.

The last word

With the ability to change database design come with cost. You need to have an additional coding routine to cope with error checking and backward compatibility code. But the overall process and result give the benefit to my customer. It is very easy to make the decision to moving on all my application to NoSQL database system.

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